5 features to consider when buying electric garage doors

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5 features to consider when buying electric garage doors

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Studio Paralelo brings the greatest tips in the industry to one place. Buying an electric garage door is a long term investment. You should consider a number of features before making your purchase decision. You should keep in mind the following features.

Type of drive system

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You must decide whether you want to have a screw, chain or belt drive for your electric garage door. The screw driven operator was once popular as the chain driven doors were very noisy. Now the chain drive technology has improved, and the noise has been eliminated. It now adds more strength than a plastic belt.

Motor power

You should choose an operator that is capable of lifting excess force to needed to move the door. This will ensure that the machine is not working at the limits of its capabilities all the time. You must ensure that the door is balanced. Motor having 45 kgs of pulling force is appropriate for doors up to 8 inches wide. For larger doors, motor units of capability 60kgs are preferred.


It is important for you to consider that the garage door is safe. If it faces any obstruction, it must stop immediately without hurting anyone or damaging anything. You can install an additional ‘break-beam’ safety device across the lower edge of your garage door. Some doors have effective self-learning safety stop system that automatically learns the operating functions of your door. They stop immeditely once they detect any obstruction. So, this type of door will provide the highest level of security for your family and pets.


You can access electric garage doors with coded radio control signal. Operators having anti-scan ‘rolling code’ remote control system offers the best security as it eliminates the chance of copying and duplicating the security code.

Availability of spare parts

Make sure that spare parts are available for the type of electric door that you choose. In case there is any problem you can replace the parts easily. You should also look for maintenance free doors.

Make sure your look into all these features before purchasing your electric garage door. A good electric garage door will last for a long time and give you better value for money. If you are unsure about anything or want to contact us about our products get in touch!

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